Monday, August 13

Big news

Hello all! I have a big surprise for you guys! Okay, please guess! =.= wtf.

Lol. This is very important. So listen up. Lol.

My own hosting is officially borned! Okay, I know it's not something big. HAHAHA!

I have shifted my blog to . So for those who link me please kindly change it!

Actually it borned long time ago, just that a lot of things havent settle so dint announce it. LOL. And also I shifted to wordpress. No longer blogspot.  I was quite hesitate if to remain at blogspot or change it to wordpress. A hard time to decide wey! After asking friends' opinions, Wordpress will be better so yea head for it. Kiki. X)

Currently the site is still renovating. I know it's still ugly but please bear with you. I will do the changes as fast as i could. Teehee.

So now readers please head over to to stalk me! And anyone of you know about web page design? ahahahhah. Do for me la yor. Walau eh, buay paiseh asking for free layout design. Anyway, Im serious with it. Anyway, if you're keen, please email me at

LOL. Feel like slapping myself now.

Okay bye. Head to REMEMBER!!!

Saturday, August 11

Bang finally

I guess you already know that I have cut my fringe into short flat fringe, provided you're my followers of my instagram.

I didn't intend to cut it actually but just wash and blow. Lol. After decided to cut it during washing time. I'm quite bored with my long fringe. And the fringe was at annoying length somemore. So yea, decided to cut it.

So how it is? :-S Most of the close guy friend prefer me with the long fringe. They don't like xiao mei mei type one. I now only know them! LOL. Their first reaction was like WHYYY??? Ni shou le shen me chi ji?? Why bang? Zhe yang kan bu kai? Laugh die me wtf.

Long fringe is better ?? Hmm, I think both also okay lo. HAHAHA! Different feel~

Another reason that I decided to cut because the 'line' almost botak already. If you notice, there's an area which is really botak with a few hair only.

#ootd When I was still with long fringe. Imma in love with the bling bling flats which I got from Kate's daddy shop! Teehee. Thanks dear for bringing it to me. Loves much. 

Testing by putting on the spec if it is okay. Alright, I think it doesnt suit with the spec. LOL. So be I have to be more diligent to put on con before heading out! 

Le fringe curl another way. Stupid hair havent get used to be short. Lol. So again, I have to wake up earlier for my hair already! Have to straighten up a bit. :-/ Yess, cant be lazy to look good! 


2012-08-09 17.51.06 
I think all my friends will band if I cut my hair to short. :-P Intended to because the hair end is so damaged and look so unhealthy. I swear not to dye and bleach my hair anymore. Maintain black! I just dye/bleach for two times and the hair so spoilt. :-(

Okay, that's all for today. Teehee. Good news. Heading to the South for a vacation soon! So happy die when I received the email! I will reveal it after everything is confirmed. Keke. 

I think will be less updating due to assignments! The first assignment due on 15th of Aug, second one will be due on 20th of Aug and lastly 27th of Aug. August the fucking month. .______. Luckily all will be done before 31st which the date I will head to the South. Thanks God! 

Alright, should off now. Bye and remember miss me. 


Thursday, August 9

Her birthday

Hello, it's finally the day! Here am I wishing my best girlfriend a very happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Happy sweet 21st dearest. I guess you already had your blissful celebration with your boyfriend hor? X)) But why roses?! LOL. Should have asked Sam Xin Rong to buy a handbag instead. HAHAHA! Roses will wilt and money gone! Waste money. Okay la, im killing the romance. LOL

I'm not sure how many years friendship we have. I know her since form2 but that time we were strangers. So I think... we only get close with each other during form5. Yea, consider as six years friendship la kay. Six years and still counting babe!!!

You know Im always here for you all the time. I know I couldn't help must but listen to you at least. Teehee. Do take care at Singapore kay! And hope to see you soon. LOL. I'm going to Singapore this end of the month! :-P

Have a blast babe! I will always pray for you and Summer Ha. Miss you two a lot!


Sneak Peak of my new room! kekeke. Stay tune I will do an update of it! Like finally full body length mirror gotcha.


Monday, August 6

Fashion with Bluey Joyce

Title says it all. This post is gonna about Bluey Joyce Online Boutique. Share with all of you who love to do online shopping. Here is another boutiques with quality to shop ladies! :-)

Remember this picture that i posted on previous post? The parcel arrived on the next day after I made the orders. Yeap, they will deliver your items on the next working day!

The concept for Bluey Joyce Online Boutique emerged June 2010 when a love of fashion fused with the desire to show unique style. They offer their customers the simplicity of shopping online and make customers' shopping experience as easy, enjoyable, rewarding and never the less affordable as possible.

My first pick up from Bluey Joyce: The Katelyn Princess Top
To be frank, this top is a bit loose for me. I think it fits M and L as well. 

I choose this top because I really love it with the cotton which is quite thick. Besides, Imma so in love with its collar which brings up the sweetness. And ofc the polka dots print and the puffy sleeve. You definitely will feel like princess with this blouse. Teehee
2012-08-03 09.03.45 
I can be princess everyday nao! Teehee. This top just simply match with anything whether it is shorts, high-waisted shors or skirt. :-D 

Second pick up : The Clarissa Pleated Bow Neck Dress
It attracted me to pick it up with its sharp yellow colour. Teehee. Besides I mad love with its collar bow. Well, so far I have never seen any dress with this kind of bow. So yea, grabbed it before anyone else. HAHAHA!

Close up of dress. Sorry for not ironing before taking picture. HAHAHA. Lazy lor.

And I wore this to attend the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, Join The Pact Press Conference.
A picture with MHB girls and Hannah Tan! Okay, I can die now because I met Hannah in real life. No doubt she's really really pretty and so sweet! So friendly of her! :-)

Third pick-up: The Celeste High-Low Maxi Dress.
I always wanted to buy a maxi dress but the only reason I dint buy it because i looked weird with maxi dress. =.= Like a pumpkin. Don't ask me why la. Just it doesnt suit me. It was kinda sad you know. I love it so much but couldn't have one. =.= Until friends told me to choose high-low dress instead of maxi. Teehee. Surprisingly, I looked okay with high-low dress. keke.

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. I set wrong mode, I realised NOW. =.= and the light in the hotel room is sucks. Stupid lightning! And ignore all the flats and slippers. LOL 

Absolutely loving this dress which is suitable for any occasion!  Dinner party anywhere! 

 A clearer picture of it. I should have asked Mike take a photo of me first! LOL. I wore this to Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge! Signature board of the VVVIP as the back drop. Keke.

Oh yea, before I forget. The standard charges for Pos Laju service : RM 4.00 (WM) or RM 6.00 (EM) Even add up the 4 or 6 bucks. The price is still affordable one. Dont worry!

And yes, this is the special promotion for the customers. Prices goes down the more items you buy! Meaning the more you buy, the more discount you can get from them! Great isn't? Keke. 

Lastly, Bluey Joyce will do their updating about the new arrivals on every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm. Yea, again, no one likes a blog shop which is less updating one right? 

Do 'like' their fan page here! and dont forget to have a look on their websites for more apparels! Im going to shop again now! What're you waiting for? :-)



Feeling a bit emo and empty tonight.

I was looking at the mini calendar of mine and found out that I din't even start to do for my tasks for this month. :-/ Assignment is a lot and I started a little bit of research only. So all the assignments were like hanging half here. And made me don't know where to start with. Le sigh. Does anyone meet the same problem? Or is only me not efficient enough?

I didn't hold my promises to myself all the time. For an instance, I asked myself to finish up something by today but ended up I failed to do so because of my laziness and I never fail to become the champion of procrastinator. :-(

Seeing a lot of my friend was quite successful with their career or studies. And I'm still like doing nothing for myself but just play eat and sleep. Well, not really, I did study a bit but I guess I didn't digest them. Guilty. :-(

I also disappointed with my attitude. I always tell myself not to jealous of others and complain about life but i failed to do so. If you're following my twitter, you can read quite a lot of my ranting which somehow annoyed peepo I know. :-( 

Currently is facing a lot of problem that I dont know how to solve. Making me so stress and fan nao. I just want December faster come and praying that what I wish can be true.

Yes, I know I need to pay a lot of effort on it! I gonna make a change from tomorrow onwards! No lies. Dear Lord, please remind me and guide me all the time!

Didn't intend to blog tonight but I really find no one to listen my rubbish here. So decided to write it out, at least released bit. xx Thankful that I have a blog. :-) which it never die for 5 years.

Actually I feel like buying a bottle of beer and chill lor. X)

A picture of Malaysians were supporting Dato Lee Chong Wei for the final match. Congrats on winning the silver for Malaysia in Olympic London 2012~ It's not easy to do so. And peepo please appreciate his hard work and remember he just recovered from his leg injuries wtf. Still manage to get Silver medal for the match. It's great!

Seriously heartache when I saw all his crying face on facebook. T____T

Fuck those shits who kept tweeting/posting about NO FREE BR NOR HOLIDAYS. As if you don't have money to buy ice-cream and never get holidays before. =_________= Why can't you guys be more understanding?

Okay. That's all for today. Will update again tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 1

Hello Aug!

Time flies. It's already August bitch please. Another four months, 2012 is gonna comes to the end! o_O Why so fast?!

Sorry for not updating a proper post. Here by meant not the updating about my personal stuff but all the advertorials, reviews and events. A lot of friends have been complaining about it. They asked me since when my blog became a commercial blog. No loooo, just recently is really lifeless and nothing to update and pending blog post. So yea.

Btw, I dint know that you guys so concern about my life one! HAHAHAHA! T_______T

Currently enjoying at the starbucks with the books. Teehee. Buy one free one who doesnt want. :-)

Anyway, this new semester will be a great challenge for me. Each subject has quite a lot of assignment. Especially subjects which related with journalism. We have to attend council meeting, court meeting and arrange interview to do our news story. Run everywhere. =.=
See the month of August. Assignments non stop. Why treat me like this? Just please leave some gap in between la. Cant rest pun. Stress! Each assignment has a lot of tasks! Please save me

And also I dint know why all my text book now so wordy! All words no picture! A picture of shit of dont have. What kind of book is this?!

This fucking text book also the same shit! Thick and super wordy! .________.

A picture of curry mee which totally not relevant with the above one. LOL. Anyway, this bowl of curry me cost me RM2.70 only and used to be my breakfast every week! At least the course mates and I will go for it once in a week! Yummmmm.

Mummy, sisters and I played with the chopper hat. They had fun laughing me with the ugly post. Baby sister kept on snap my candid with the hat. =____= She kept all the photos and ugut me all the time because I dont want she uploads to facebook! Too ugly! LOL. So I have no choice and listen to her. Grrr. Dont let me catch your ugly face Esther Chang!

Today received the new sponsored apparels! :-) So thankful for that! I will reveal it in the coming post. So please stay tuned. Keep reading my blog! X)

Oh yea, did i ever mention that I wanna move out from the bloody hostel? The lovely Cat gonna share the apartment with me! Both of us gonna start the new life together.

The reasons I wanna move out:
- Hostel rent RM200 per month, considered cheap cox included everything. But - you have to share a room with three more person, meaning four person per room.
- We are not allowed to boil water and cook maggi mee cox the unit of ours gonna install air con soon. I cant sleep with air con. Long time once is okay for me but not everyday.
- Line is shit in hostel.

Now the place that I gonna move out though is much smaller than the hostel. But at least:
- One person per room. I have some privacy.
- RM280 per month, medium room included everything if not mistaken. With the fridge, kitchen, washing machine and etc. Hostel doesnt have the fucking fridge one!
- New installation of streamyx. It will be better than hostel I guess.

I went to have a look of my new place today! Here are some pictures. Please bear with it. We havent done all the cleaning.

The living room which quite big in real. We gonna throw everything except the sofa. HAHAHA! We want the sofa.

The corridor. I know it's very small but is sufficient for two person. My room is opposite the toilet one. :-X Btw, notice the pinky feather stuff? It gave me kind of feeling : A prostitute's room which used to welcome their customers wtfff. HAHAHAHAH! :-X I even told cat and clau that this must be a room of prostitute. HAHAHAHA!

Le fucking small shower room. No, it's shower lorong. wtf right. Just a lorong. Felt like prison. =___= Hostel's toilet is much better. Never mind, toilet is just for bathing. Im not gonna sleep there. So bear with it. Please ha, havent clean. Waiting for the maid to come and clean.

The place to shit. If the maid dint clean it for me, Im gonna kill her. Toilet bowl must be clean for oh si, if not cant oh then constipation. OMG.

The medium room. My future room! Im gonna make it into princess room with the big ass full body mirror. kekekeke. Actually it's large for one person but I dont know how to capture it. So yea it looks smaller than real.

Kitchen part. LE FRIDGE IS GOD! Next time we can cook ourselves! Lol. Again, maid please do your job nicely. I dont want a smelly and dirth fridge!

The end of my new crib in Penang. Friends who wanna a place to sleep in Penang you're welcome! If you dont mind to squeeze a bit la. lol

I will update again once our new crib is cleaned and my princess room is done! Kekeke.

Last for the day, le modem of the sixth floor which the unit I stayed now, is cut! By moron. We're wondering who so bin tai?? =.= Well, we are doubting the guys from the fifth floor who always steal our line and make the line like shit one. Chi xin!

So mean hor? I hope God will punish that bin tai.

Bye. End this post with my pretty face. I gonna out to tesco for furniture's hunting with Cat.


Sunday, July 29

Mrlens solved my problem!

Hello all. I guess this post is suitable for those who are short-sighted or consumer of contact lens. :-)

Have you guys encountered problem of lacking money to buy contact lenses from the optical shop? I have, as always. LOL. Mostly, contact lenses will be finished up in the end of month and bankrupt at this time also, because end of the month. X)

Serious, it will be headache for me because I couldnt purchase my need due to contact lens is quite pricey from optical shop. RM80 per pair or even higher. :-S

Maybe you suggest me to buy those geo lens through online. Hmm, I stopped purchasing geo lens via online. Yea they are bloody cheap like RM20 per pair. But you know, it's quite dangerous. I dont want to hurt my eyes. So yea, it's better always buy contact lens from optical lens which is professional at this. :-)

Like finally, I found a solution for this. here come to rescue me!

MrLens is providing you with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and a very convenient process to use. They are the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and parts of Europe, going global and they are now available in Asia too!

What makes me so in love with them? Because they are having the same brands with the optical shops but at the lower price!!! Yea, they did a rescue on my money issue! 

Tell me, who doesnt love stuff with good quality and cheap price?

The package from them. Still included sweets somemore, So sweet of them!

And also, it is convenient! You dont need to drive out and buy your contact lens purposely. Instead, you just need to do a click and the contact lens you ordered from their websites will reach at your door steps in another day! See, save a lot, your petrol and cost of contact lens! Sit in front of your lappie and goyang kaki and then your lens come to you. #likeaboss .

That's the reason why I love to do online shopping!

You can simply hit on to have a look on their websites. A website which is organised well and you can find your brand of lens easily. As you can, they have categorised into a few segments: daily wear, weekly wear, monthly wear and coloured lens. Easy right? :-)

Afraid it will be too complicated to order contact lenses? No worries! Easy like ABC. Just sign up an account for yourself and start shopping. Hmm, just clicky with your mouse peepo. LOL. Instructions or steps is written there. :-)

Teehee. My choices and I got them within two days. :)

With the invoice along. They will deliver to you as well! Clear and organized. :-)

Brands of lens.
Oh wait! Did I mention about it just now??? For those who live within Klang area, good news for you! FREE DELIVERY is offered to customer who live in Klang area! Awwww, too bad I am not staying there. :-/

Ladies and gentlemen! Purchase your lenses at now! :-) I will purchase my lens here in future!

Thanks Mrlens for the voucher yo! xx 

Btw, I think of Mr Mines whenever I see Mrlens. LOLOLLL. Me is Pokemon fan!